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Customer Reviews

I just wanted to let you know I received the coins and patches yesterday and I couldn’t be more happy. You nailed the members coins and the patches came out awesome. The feedback from the guys about the patches has been great and I have shown the members coins to a few guys just to see what they thought and the reaction I will say made me very proud to have designed it as you should be to have produced it. I just wanted to thank you again for continuing to produce the highest quality insignia for us at ESU Truck 1. Thank You.
— Ryan N. NYPD ESU Truck 1
The coins came today. All I can say is WOW! Blows our other coins away. We will be using Gray Water in the future.
— Phil B. Berks County ERT


This company is an awesome group of folks. Half of everything goes to Veteran Organizations as well. Definitely a 10 in customer satisfaction from this Veteran.
— Kenneth V. - AF Security Forces Veteran
I got the coins today and I am so amazed. You guys did an awesome job and I cannot thank you enough! You havegiven us a way to remember Jasmine forever! From the bottom of our hearts my family thanks you so much!
— Eric W.
Received the order today. This by far is the highest quality coin I have ever seen. Well done!
— Dan - Run for the Wall
I wanted to let you know that the t-shirt Michael designed for the Ride 430 team was awesome –everyone loved it!
— -- Sarah C - California
Got my challenge coins today. GrayWater Ops did an outstanding job. Thank you my SP brother Keith Hanshaw. They said it couldn’t be done.
— Bill W- Missouri
I received the coins last week and they look great. Thank you so much for your professionalism and assistance in helping me design a great coin. They are of the highest quality and were delivered faster than expected. Thanks again.
— Kevin D.
The coin was fabulous!! – Everyone loved it!! A Huge Success!!! - Thank you for making my retirement memorable!!!
— Jerry S.- Pennsylvania
Keith, I came home last night for the weekend and opened the box. These coins are incredible! Love the size and quality. Thanks for making this happen and so quickly!
— CPT Anthony M. - New Jersey
Keith, I Just sold a few coins to a retiree from here. I’m quoting him here: “That’s the best f&*in’ coin I’ve ever seen.”
He’s a retired CMSgt from here, and wanted 10 coins from me. He was impressed with the work you guys did. When I told him it took me 5 vendors and calls over the country to get to you guys, he praised both of our efforts. Thanks for a great product.
— Geoff G. - PA
We could not be more pleased! The insanely fast turn around on communications and orders. I’ve never experienced this high level of attention, detail and customer care that GWO provides on a consistent basis! Thank you Keith! Looking forward to a long term relationship with you!
— Terrie M.
We did receive those AWESOME coins yesterday! They look absolutely phenomenal! All of the guys here agree that these are the best BRC (Best Ranger Competition) Coins ever purchased. Thank you guys so much for helping us out this year. We look forward to working with you in the future
— Ranger Danny Shedd
Keith, My coins arrived today…AWESOME. I’m a huge missile geek and they’re great, I couldn’t be happier and I think you guys definitely improved on the old design. Appreciate the prompt service.
— Pat
I have to say your product is unsurpassed. I’ve been minting with (*********) for the last few years, and while their product is incredible, what Gray Water Ops are making is really sweet!
— Joshua A.
Just received my commemorative Security Police coin in the mail the other day. Thoroughly OUTSTANDING work, gentlemen. It is, bar none, the sturdiest, most professional-looking, and nicest finished of all the challenge coins in my entire service-career collection. Very proud of it. Thanks again!!!
— Bret W.
Received mine today and they are awesome! I’m in Law Enforcement and have several coins and yours are by far the best I’ve ever seen
— Kimberly L.
Keith, received my challenge coins today. Excellent, quality job. A very heavy coin & I love the colors they were a good choice..
— Marc M
Keith, I received my coins today and they are outstanding – not to mention that it was under 5 days from order to receipt. Great service. Everyone else, take note.
— Jim Y.
Thank you so very much! You have been and I know will continue to be a most phenomenal partner and friend. I value you and Gray Water Ops. Your service is unmatched!!!
— Candyss B.
Got my coins today- they look GREAT! I can’t wait to find some excuse to give one out! Thanks for the excellent service!
— Tim S. - South Dakota
Received my coins today. All I can say is…WOW, OUTSTANDING JOB!!! Thanks!
— Randy M
I ordered some military coins from you in May 2013 and was so impressed with the speed and quality that two months later I placed a second order for coins for my local Rotary club. They turned out great as well, and are used as thank you mementos for each week’s guest speaker. As an FYI, I regularly have people ask me … “Where did you get these?” … when I hand out either of the coins. I gladly point them to graywaterops.com when I get the question.

Thanks again for the great coins, personal attention during the design phase, and updates during the production and shipping!
— Jeff Morris
My team loved the coins! We had an awesome experience together serving the people in Nicaragua and these coins were the perfect gift for my people to serve as a reminder of all we accomplished together. It was also very fun educating them all on the history of coins in the military and they were all blown away by the beauty and design of the coins. We will definitely be sending you some more business in the future, you exceeded my expectations by a mile!
— Joe R.
We’re getting some great feedback on the coins … our customers love them! :-) Thanks for all your work on helping us get this initial HTS-logo item done right and out to our HTS Nation members.
— Drew D.
Keith, Gray Water Ops was a hit at the 2013 NRA Convention. I wanted to be different so I decided to attach your 2nd Amendment badge to my NRA badge. I cannot tell you the looks I got from other attendees and anytime I stood in place people were asking where I got it and saying how awesome it was. A couple of people also made coins and thought the badge was amazing. If only I had your business cards to hand out. I just wanted you to know your stuff rocks and the proof was evident at the show. Sincerely
— Keven J.
You guys do AWESOME work! These are the best coins on the market by FAR!”
— Don A.
These are folks who know how to get a message across! If you have one of their coins consider yourself very lucky. It’s something to be Proud of!”
— Troy E.
I love my new coin Thanks Guys.
— Andrew M.

Wow Keith, that really looks great. I knew you guys would not disappoint. I bought the security forces coin a while back for my brother and the seal team 10 coin for a friend and seeing those coins when they arrived was a big part of my decision to use GWO. I have been recommending your company to everyone that asks.

Ryan N. - NYPD ESU Truck 1 Manhattan

Coins arrived and they exceeded my expectations. Look fantastic. Thanks!
— Jeff Morris
Great job on the coin, i’m diggin it, now i want to order a couple more!
— Michael W.
Just received our order of challenge coins. Just as nice as i expected. Will help me in raising awareness of 2A and what it means to the american people.
— Nathan O.
Gray Water Ops produces coins vastly superior to others I own. these are not the lightweight, chintzy coins that have light engraving or paint that flakes off. The Coins you get from GWO have substantial heft, their engraved coins have sharp detail and real depth. The color laminate coins have vibrant, striking color and I’m not worried about the finish flaking off any time this century. A challenge coin or commemorative coin should be something you can pass down through generations, and I am confident these will stand the test of time.
— Chris D. - Newport News, VA
…the coins are the heaviest thickest coins and probably the best detailed coins I have and I have a few.
— Paul L. - Waterbury, CT
Hi Bill and Keith, The coins arrived here in NYC this morning and everyone LOVES them. Thanks for making me look good guys. – Fondest regards
— Antony .A. - New York, NY
I ordered 2 Coins and I was absolutely overwhelmed with how beautiful and well made they are. Everything about these Coins exceeded my expectations. The colors are bright and precise, the Coins are much heavier and thicker than other Coins I’ve handled, and they come packaged in a strong,clear pouch. These are simply the most beautiful, best made Challenge Coins I’ve ever seen. These Coins will become family heirlooms. Thank you for offering these stunning pieces.
— Gary H. - Lancaster, Ohio
Thanks for a great coin. I have actually swapped out my standard carry challenge coin for this one. Again thanks for the coins I really do appreciate them and they really look great.
— Ian F. - Edmonds, Washington
GREAT quality and one of the BEST looking SP coins I’ve seen. Thank you and keep up the great work! USAF SP 93′-97′
— Troy G., - Mustang, Oklahoma
Got my coin today, looks great! Thank you. The coin looks great, they did a really good job!
— Mike B. - Lexington, South Carolina
Received my coins today, these are beautiful! Nice art and nice weight. More to order soon. Thanks,
— David J. - Sandy Hook, Connecticut
Received my coins in the mail today. LOVE THEM!
— Ryan A.
Hey folks, got my my coins and they look great. Thanks for the great product and service!
— David C.
Beautiful coins!! Purchased 10 of them for my customers. EVERYBODY needs at least one. Very well done and superbly struck. Great job guys!!
— Dennis J.
Got my coin in today !!! Awesome quality awesome look just plain awesome!
— Travis A.
— Brendon C.
The original coins arrived today and I am sitting at my desk playing with them and not getting work done. They are just so much nicer and you can tell of a higher quality than any of the other coins I have seen (with the exception of a solid sterling silver one the commandant of the Coast Guard gave me!) They are definitely the highest quality coins I have ever seen. I still can’t believe how great these coins look.
— Jonathan
A lot of awesome shots of these amazing coins, Thank you for hooking all of us up with them, The detail is the best I have seen in a challenge coin!
— Michael