Fundraising Programs - Harrisburg, PA

We can help your organization raise money and it won't cost you anything more than time to aggressively promote it. The amount of money we raise for a fundraiser, is directly related to how much promotion the fundraiser receives, from you and your supporters! Share your fundraiser all over Facebook and social media. Our largest fundraiser raised $80,500. 

If you have a base of 100,000 supporters, and only 10% are willing to purchase your commemorative coin, lapel pin or t-shirt, you still raise $100,000 by selling 10,000 products.

How We Do It

We'll come up with a custom designed commemorative coin. 1.75" diameter with any feature you want on the coin. Each coin would be individually numbered. Once you approve the factory ready artwork, we make it available in our online store as a pre-order only item. Gray Water Ops will handle the upfront cost to create a die and mint the coins. We will handle the sales, distribution and fulfillment of all orders. Your responsibility would be to promote the commemorative coin, and drive traffic to where they can buy it.  The more coins we can sell, the more money we can raise for your organization. The sky's the limit. Coins are the BEST give back to a veteran because they have a special meaning to members of all branches. Commanders give coins for recognition, troops get coins from deployments they've participated with and a coin is something people won't throw away!

In addition to coins, your online fundraiser can include patches, lapel pins, screen printed t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, embroidered polo shirts and small metal items like golf ball marker coins, divot tools, tie tacks, belt buckles, badges and more.

Completed Fundraisers

We've done fundraisers and raised money for the following non-profit organizations, through our Random Act of Coinness TM Fundraising program.

  • Gary Sinise Foundation - $16,365
  • AF Security Forces Museum Foundation - $6,000
  • AF SF/SP/AP Group - $9,650
  • MARSOC Foundation - $4,472
  • Fisher House Foundation - $5,000
  • Warfighter Foundation - $2,587
  • Security Forces Foundation - $2,000
  • American Red Cross - $1,300
  • Military Minds Association - $949
  • New Cumberland Fire Department - $820
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation - $675
  • New Cumberland Old Towne Business Professional Group - $246
  • Defender Magazine charity fund for AF police alumni - $700
  • One Million Moms Against Gun Control - $200
  • Security Forces Alumni Association - $515
  • Heroes Climb / Andy Allison Fund - $120
  • Veterans in Film & Television - $702
  • Big Shooterist - $570
  • Society of American Magicians - Houdini Grave Site Restoration Fund - $500

If you're interested in our help, please contact us. We're veterans. No strings attached.